The people and associations throwing their support behind governor (Senator) Atiku Bagudu are not limited to politicians and the political thugs and contractors.  In fact,  his supporters can be found in every segment of Kebbians. Of recent,  the motorcycle sellers association voiced out their support and unreserved loyalty to governor Atiku Bagudu. One - on - one chat a member had  with our reporter will testify to this.

Reporter -  Assalamu Alaikum,  sir, May I humbly ask you to introduce yourself?

Member  -  My name is Alhaji Abubakar Bube,  a member of Motorcycle Sellers Association.  I am speaking on behalf of our chairman Alhaji Salihu Kakale.

Reporter -  How is your business faring?

Member  - Alhamdulillah, all thanks and glory be to God.

Reporter - What is your relationship with the government? I mean with the regards to motorcycles government gives out to civil servants as loans and you eventually buy from them.

Member  -  I thank God, you said we buy. You know we help people we don't force them.  Some fathers want to marry off their daughters,  they can't get soft loans from banks due to the technicalities involved. They will simply get motorcycles from government as loans and we buy from them.

Reporter - It is not hidden that your sister associations of NURTW and NATO enjoyed financial support from Kebbi state government in form of loans receiving hundreds of millions. Did you receive yours?

Member - Thanks for this question.  We didn't receive a dime. But His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu promised us ours two years ago. We applied for one hundred and fifty millions.

Reporter - Did you support this government or you worked against it?

Member  - We have been with this governor since he was a senator of PDP. We never opposed him. Moreover,  we are over two hundred only here in Birnin Kebbi. But , I know His Excellency Senator Atiku Bagudu he is a man of his words.  I am only reminding him that we are anxiously waiting with the bated breath.  May God bless him. Ameen .

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