Abdu Soja Kangiwa 

By Mahi Alhassan Argungu

An interesting interview with a veteran soldier that turned politician took place last week, the interviews goes this;
Reporter; Assalamu alikum, sir what is your name?
Abdu Soja; my name is Abdullahi Barade Kangiwa popularly known as Abdu Sja
Reporter; sir, you once served in the military and now decided to join politics, what motivated you to do so?
Abdu Soja; Good, what propelled me into joining politics is that, here in the core north or north-west people who are in politics  are mostly semi- educated in reflecting the Nigerian politics. When I came back home after retirement, I found out that some of our representatives  at the state or federal level are not conversant with Nigerian politics , so with my little experience, I felt obliged to offer my services and represent my people as a rescue mission to salvage my  populace. Once there it reached a point where good people of Kangiwa were being represented by Argugu people. They would simply send a councilor from Argungu to rule us. It is vivid account that during Babaginda’s regime when he came out with two political parties I was part and parcel of that arrangement. You know he was called Maradona because of his political dribbling. During Obasanjo’s regime I also joined where I was elected as councilor and we did excellently well. Some of the projects e excited were renovated by today’s politicians as theirs but since they our younger once we always keep mute.
In the area of development, I brought roads to our people. Going to Birnin Kebbi from Kangiwa was hitherto a herculean task, but now is now some minute journey. E also brought general hospital in place of rural health care, we brought stable electricity and even got some villages connected. Thus, I keen to tell you (youths) that whoever does not know your problems is unfit to represent you at any level.
Reporter Sir which political party you now belong to?
Abdu Soja; I belong to PDP I started my political journey in ANPP later PDP since then I remain in the party (PDP)
Reporter; as an elder do you have any call on people regarding this political dilemma?
Abdu Soja; I am calling on people o be peaceful and law abiding, everybody knows me as a peace –loving man, but when pushed to the wall, I show my true color. I was taken to prison on concocted and doctored lies against me. I thanked god because I did not sleep there. The then governor Sen. Adamu Aliero set me free in the night, he said to them I was his adviser. A committee was set up which exonerated me from blames
Moreover, for your information, I am the chairman of PCPC meaning police community relations committee, just of recent I bailed out some youths who blocked the present governor around an area near Kora. If you are to stay longer I must be called upon at the police station to settle some problems. This is what I have been doing for the past of twenty years (20)
Reporter; what is you ward of hope to the masses?
Abdu Soja; my ward of hope to the people is peaceful coexistence amongst them
Reporter; thank you sir
Abdu Soja; thank and god bless you