Walin Kalgo 

From Mahi Alhassan Argungu

Elections have come and gone, but politicking is still very much with us. Thanks to this naked fact and reality. Men of influence and wisdom are invariably sought after for consultations and advice. It is also important to hear directly from them on how they contrived to swing the pendulum on the side of victory or success. It is, however, pertinent to hear from the men of wisdom.
Our reporter had one on one chat with the Alhaji Abubakar Muhammad Atiku Walin Kalgo. The interview goes like this;

Reporter Assalamu alaikum warahmatu-Llahi wabarkatuh, Malam may I humbly ask for your humble introduction?

Walin Kalgo My name is Alhaji Abubakar Muhammad Atiku Walin Kalgo. For your information whoever dares call my name naked rescinding Waling Kalgo I will not answer. Truly, I have huge fellowship and command enormous respect among my people. Thus, if you must talk to me include my little Walin Kalgo.

Reporter sir, it is a fact that you have seen ups and downs of life, what do you have to say concerning the present government of Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu the executive Governor of Kebbi state?

Walin Kalgo thank you for asking this question, first of all, I am an elder also one of the All Progressives Congress (APC) stalwarts in the state, I am also Almajiri that is one always learning. With due respect to the elites of Kebbi state, there is no sound and vibrant politicians in the state. This is because our educated elites could not withstand the economic pressure. They lack perseverance, not only educated elites even business moguls and virtually everybody joined bandwagon. That is to simply support the government of the day. The opposition is a week or nonexistence. Everybody decamped to the ruling party, where is vibrant politicking? It is annoying.  
Moreover, it is generally believed that governor Bagudu is very hot-tempered, but yet he did not hurt anybody, unlike before when people lost their jobs on the simple reason that they opposed the government of the time. You know the major problem of this government is the incompetent politicians around him. He is being misguided. To buttress up my words, there was a time he (Gov. Atiku Bagudu) went to GGSS Bunza, obviously he seemed very unhappy with something, he asked or rather directed the principal to be replaced. I said to him your Excellency sir, you are above that, you have a commissioner of education and other senior education officers, it is not your duty to sack a lowly ranking officer like principal, he immediately changed his mind.

Reporter do you have any advice on that?

Walin Kalgo yes I want to use this medium to advise this government of Bagudu led- administration on the urgent need to distance itself from the ineptitude and laziness. Let him sack all those unserious elements within its rank and file. However, there are many boards without leaders. Things are not working straight. We have also permanent secretaries that are not confirmed. After all the appointments let him give them all their roles so that the mad rush to the government house reduces to the minimal level.  
Imagine a situation where everybody carries their files and submit it to the governor. Where are the permanent secretaries? Why is it that civil servants are afraid to carry out their constitutional assigned duties? Frankly speaking, the Kebbi state is blessed with competent people who can handle any work assigned to them.
I would also like to table my annoyance, why Sen. Atiku Bagudu only concentrates on Birnin Kebbi leaving villages to the magnificence. Go to Maidahini, Bunza area, and other neighboring villages, they are in a poor state with the very bad and un-motorable roads. They are dusty roads constructed in the early 80s during the administration of Shehu Kangiwa. Therefore, I am appealing to His Excellency to look for them as he does to Biirn Kebbi, which is now is looking like  Abuja.
Annoyingly contracts are being awarded to people of questionable characters. Some of them lack the ability to execute it properly. Something of the corrective measures ought to be applied diligently.

Reporter sir let’s talk about appointments into the various posts which is the issue at stake now. His Excellency re-appointed his chief of staff which is the Alhaji Suliemen Argungu and his secretary to the state government Alhaji Babale Umar Yauri, how do you see their reappointment?

Walin Kalgo I swear to Allah that nobody, no educated elite here in Kebbi is more qualitative than Alhaji Babale Umar Yauri. He is very competent, he worked with different governments at various capacities he served in the capacity of permanent secretary in various ministries, virtually he knows ins and, outs of every ministry. In fact, he is not even a politician but a season civil servant. On the part of Alhaji Sulieman Argungu he symbolizes APC we met him there when we were in PDP, he was in ANPP which metamorphosed into APC, he is more than deserved. To cut it short the two personalities are eminently qualified.

Reporter what is your ward of hope for Kebbi state?

Walin Kalgo You know Kebbi has been ruled by sheikh  Ab-dullahi Fodipo on the pedestal of peace of justice it is on the historical record that our four emirs are toying upon. Injustice begets and ferments trouble. The Emir of Gwandu was once a governor, and that of Argungu was a commissioner, that of Yauri was a university lecturer, and that of Zuru was an army general they are men, of integrity and greatness.    
In a nutshell, justice and Equity ensures peaceful co coexistence. Those that are in trouble should emulate Kebbi state, proudly spooking we are the most equitable people in Nigeria.