President Buhari Threw His Weight Behind Palestinian independence
By Mahi Alhassan

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria articulated his support towards the independence of Palestinian state.
Buhari also gave the assurance that all the member states of organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) engage with striving efforts to see the end of violence world wide.
President Buhari made this available during delivering speech on behalf of African countries at 14 session of OIC in Saudi Arabia.
He further said the political crisis currently is worse in the affected nations and this needs urgent attention to end it.
He reaffirmed the support of all African member countries for the planning of independent state of Palestine.
In addition to the above, he committed that African member states in the platform of OIC are set to give maximum cooperation in tackling Syrian crisis, Yemen and Libya.
Before he finalized his talks, he expressed his words of gratitude to the king of Arabia king Salman for his gigantic effort towards the success of OIC as well as hosting this 14 session of the great Islamic organization.