By Mahi Alhassan
An interesting interview took place where a People Democratic Party (P.D.P) Chairman of Arewa Local Government, Alhaji Dauda Usman Yeldu based his mind on the political development of the country. The interview goes like this.
Reporter-       Sir, What is your name?
PDP Chairman: I am Alhaji Dauda Usman Yeldu. I am the PDP Chairman of Arewa Local Government.
Reporter-       Sir, the outcome of these general elections for Kebbi state showed that now the state is the home for APC as it won from top to bottom, do you have anything to say?
PDP Chairman: Well, I have many things to say in fact, we are not afraid of anything, even though we are in opposition. You know when we were in power, we did not institute poverty and hunger the masses still love us. Contrarywise, hunger and poverty have now been instituted. People could not eat properly, they lack purchasing power. No wonder, they will definitely be decamping to PDP sooner or later.
This analysis is a result of a large scale frustration and hopelessness which are sending a signed that it will realize one day. Masses are angry with them for deceiving them and inviting hardship and hunger. By God’s grace, we are coming back to power is just a matter of four years.
Reporter: Sir, how did you manage to retain your seat as the PDP Chairman?
PDP Chairman: It is my people, I wanted to go home and rest, but they insisted that I must continue to be the chairman, they were happy and satisfied with my leadership that is just the reason, simple!
Reporter: What do you have to say to the voters?
PDP Chairman: Good! I want to remind the people of the good old days of PDP. When the going was smooth, everybody was happy things were going on smoothly during our time. I have not seen a single project executed by this government both federal and state government and complete. Even the ones began by Sa’idu ‘s government  which was PDP and completed by this government ended in court of law before they get a chance to complete them like Madamfara to Dadin kowa and Gorun-Dikko road. The company had to go to court before it allows for completing the work.
Reporter: What are your words of hope or advice to the people of Kebbi state?
Chairman; my advice goes directly to my people first I mean PDP stalwart across the state that they should continue to hold their peace it just a matter of four years I smell it that PDP will bounce back by 2023 Insha- Allah  thus, the days of deception will soon be over.