Pastor Sacked Over Raping Of Female Member
     By Mahi Alhassan

The authority for church of fire and miracles ministries sacked pastor Davide Onyekachukwu over raping of female member of 16 year.
This was disclosed by Collins Edomorus who often to chat with media on behalf of the authority. Collins has told our source that, this is the act of unrighteous people which is totally against the rules of their institute.
He added that “We t sacked pastor Davide in seeing that the fact has been established that he raped his female member beyond reasonable doubt by going a diligent  investigation.
He revealed that as from the date of confirming his offence he is no more a poster under their domain but a floor member since they have no right to prevent him from being a member as Christian follower this is their collective decision.
When Mr. Colling asked on what's more the incident is to be legal case before court of law, he reacted that, it is now vested to the parents of the victim to take matter to the court because they   done their part, it is not their r duty  to make arrest, whenever a fellow member alleged to commit such evils according to him a committee of enquiry will set to look over it, if found guilty, be sacked nothing more than that,  he also made it clear that they are not on the position to detain anybody.