From Mahi Alhassan Argungu

It is not our tradition to put words on somebody’s mouth, rather to perceive sound from the horse mouth.
The water has passed under the bridge. Elections have come and gone the associated hue and cry meant to market parties, slogans have all gone. The dust has settle down, yet the winner and loser (s) have known their positions.
The incumbent governor of Kebbi state senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu emerges winner of the march, 2, 2019 gubernatorial elections. Thanks to this political feat. Hon. Alhaji Musa Umar Besse the executive chairman Koko/Besse local government is warmly congratulating the deserved winner senator Atiku Bagudu. In the halcyon days, before campaign days and electioneering. Our action governor did wonders in the following areas worthy to mention:
 Agriculture; in his first tenure governor Atiku Bagudu earned himself the jagaba of rice production in Nigeria, in just (4) years Kebbi state was able to establish it-self on the map as the leading producer of rice due to the dedication of my dear governor. Thanks to this he received accolades after accolades from different organizations and associations; the most notable is from the sun magazine in Lagos. Thus, we (Kebians) are proud of him, we are respected and recognized among our counterparts as hard working citizens not lazy citizens.
Moreover, rice production a side other agricultural areas too wee not neglected since his first tenure. Even animal husbandry got a serious boost. Broadly speaking his Excellency is for the farmer and the farmer himself. I will one day meet him to teach me how to farm.
Capital project; within just his first tenure, electricity improved in this state as a whole and in my local government in particular. For instance in my local government Koko/Besse we received improved over 10 transformers to stabilize and improve power supply, they were all installed.
He constructed and renovated township roads across my local government. From the above construction and renovation of schools were also not left behind. Water supply was not ignored where lots of bore –holes were built and even solar bore holes were provided. No water no life my people now are taking clean water.
Education; is remaining his priority since he came into power. Interestingly he lifted the ban placed on employment that is to say embargo in education sector. He asked and ordered for the requirement of teachers to get more man power in our school. Remember that my governor was once a lecturer at the university.          
Above all each local government was given funds to carry out its financial obligations. I can speak to mine (Koko/ Besse) the cash I received was judicially used. We built mosques, Islamic schools and injectected some money into the construction and renovation of grade roads and grade roads are ours. If you like you can go and see for your -self or you can ask the veracity of my words.
In a nut shell, my action governor Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu is a masses oriented governor. No wonder a local Hausa musician said in his song “Danbagudu Alherine” I totally agreed with him that Danbagudu Alherine!! So in consequence, on behalf of my entire staff as well as my family wish him a successful second tenure. It is pertinent to say that, I am not congratulating him just because he is a governor that I am being engaged in some kind of political sycophancy adulation or whatever sweet talk. Never! Governor Bagudu deserves to be in office for this second term to complete the fantastic works he begun. His continuation in office is the continuation of progress and development, continuation of infrastructural development and continuation of rice production across the state nay Nigeria at large.  

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