Malam Abdullahi Garba Kuchi based his mind on Governor Tambuwal 
Our journalistic inquisitiveness carry us to Kuchi area of Kebbe local Government Sokoto state where we happened to have one on one interview with the principle of GDSS Kuchi in the person of Malam Abdullahi Garba Kuchi in  which he based his mind on their action Governor R.T Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambiuwal. The get in touch yield result like that; “I would like May to use this medium to eulogize our action Governor for day to day developmental projects carry out across the state, especially in the area of education which  is suffice to say that it is now  revived as born gain.  In seeing that, he built number of schools, renovation of many and provision of reading materials as well as beds and mattress. Hence, I advise him to continue with the good works hitherto previous term, it is what placed him above his mates”. Principal said. He added “Do not relent sir, we are all proud of you. I felt happy greatly honored. The credit must go to you sir”.
It is interesting to say that no area is left untouched be it: Education, trade, works, health, environment and so on. Being a serving principal I know ins and outs of our education across the state. In summary, the government is doing well in the area of education. Our governor is like jack of all but master of all. In consequence, thus I on behalf of my entire staff wishes him wisdom to carry everybody along.