I am Not A Secrete Society Member- Buhari’s ex- Minister
      By Mahi Alhassan

An ex- minister of president Buhari known as barrister Solomon Dalung who was a former minister of youths and sport made it known to our medium that he is not a secret society member as assumed by some people. Dalung pronounced this in Abuja last week during a ceremony organized by the ministry.
“I faced a lot of challenges when I was appointed minister for youths and sport, some people are even priced me as a member of secret society, to be sure and honest with generality of the populace I do not belong to that society either whatever of its kind.
He also uncovered that, “Not long, after I became a minister, the Human Right Watch wrote a letter of complain to president Buhari against me and my appointment, telling him that I was not good  enough to hold the position”.
Dalung also added “Remember I a m a lawyer I know how to sue a case before court of law, I can claim millions of Naira for defamation of character but I refused to do.
Our reporter learnt that, Dalung is  an experienced lawyer, it was because of his unassuming nature of peace loving he did not take legal action against matter.
In his closing speech, he made mention that, he really enjoyed the position of minister he held under this government despite the challenges he faced which he rated as nothing but jealousness.