How Staff of Bornu Government house Committed Suicide
 By Mahi Alhassan

People are of different kinds when some take this world easy some put it into difficult arena,   the way you approach it it’s the way it set for you, it is said that, life is what you make it.
Report has reached us that a staffer of Bornu government house john Achgwa used enough rope to kill himself. Thus kind of killing by going to law is what called suicide.
Report Revealed that Mr. John who is working with Bornu government house until the day he took his life was fund motionlessly hanged beneath tree.
His closed people make it known to our reporter that Mr. John was looking so agony and speechlessly throughout that day before the incident happened. But it is actual reason that made him to kill himself whit is remain unknown.
But it is suggested that there is element of discomfort for him with the new government, presumably it might happened for hidden motives or he did this upon fearing of losing his job or whatever reason only God knows.