The children of capitalists and who is who naturally look down upon the children of poor and weaklings. In some instances,  they mistreat and denigrate those they consider the children of the masses who are at the lower rung of the socio - economic ladder.

A case in point is the case of a young man called  Aliyu Tukur, alias Zidane based in Koko who despite the presence of law enforcement agents and security agents he and his accomplices mishandled a girl (her name not to be mentioned for socio -security reasons) beat her up and made her naked publically.

According to the reliable source,  Aliyu Tukur Zidane made several  attempts to  get the victim's attention and love but to no avail. After seeing that all his attempts to woo her failed, he publically promised to disgrace the girl in question.

In fulfilment of his promise,  he targeted the girl on the day she was celebrating what they called Sallah Show during Sallah festivities. He came with his friends who after thoroughly molesting her they undressed her and soiled her body.

Painfully speaking,  it took the intervention of a good Samaritan who took her on a motorcycle to police station. The case was immediately taken to court.  As of the time of writing this report,  the culprit or rather the accused person was released. The fear everybody is nursing is that the case may die natural death.  It may evaporate into the thin air, for the simple reason that she hails from economically weak family.

We are watching,  the entire world knows about it. Justice must prevail,  any attempt to subjugate it will not work. All Nigerians are equal,  no Nigerian is more important than others.