One on one chat with feeding focal person Yabo LGEA reveals how R.T Honorable Aminu Waziri Tambuwal the executive governor of Sokoto state-led -administration pilots others in the educational sector.  
Reporter; sir, can we meet you?  

Focal .person; Yes, my name is Ubangari S. Kabi Yabo, focal person Yabo LGEA.   

Reporter: - I learned that the feeding programme of the primary school level is going on across the state, how is it faring in your LGEA?

Focal person To God be the glory, the feeding programme is going on smoothly as planned. For instance here in Yabo which is my LGEA about sixteen seven (67) schools have been enjoying the programme out of seventy eight (78). The women engaged to do the work have since received their money as early as possible all is operational devoid of any hindrances.

Reporter: - do you have any call on the parents? 

Focal person: - I called on the parents to be considerate and cooperating, they are duty bound to send their words to schools in the time since the government is spending hugely on education.

Reporter; is this feeding programme has any impact on education?

Focal person; beyond any doubt school enrolment and attendance now increased immensely, until now Children were not regular in their classes but now all our classes are filled to the edge.
Even schools where the feeding programme has not begun, children are now engaged thus, school enrolment and attendance are now increased.                

Reporter; do you have some words of advice to the food caterers or feeding contractors?

Focal person; yeah! I am calling on them to be God-fearing and patriotic, it is pertinent to know note that, these students are their children or grandchildren. I thank God, my caterers are doing their work squarely.

Reporter; what are your words of appreciation to his Excellency the executive governor of Sokoto State R.T Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal for the effort?

Focal person; I have a special thanks as well as congratulatory message to him on swearing-in as the executive governor of Sokoto state  for the second term, for the continuation of good works,