From Mahi Alhassan Argungu
A loud call has been made to the Sokoto state government to fortify its feeding programme with the mobility for efficient and timey dispatch the food to schools. The call was made by the feeding focal person of Shagari LGEA Umar Aliyu Sokoto state in his chat with our reporter, in his office.
In our chat, he says ‘The newly introduced policy of feeding has hugely attracted a good number of enrolment and attendance. The Schools where it was introduced, the pupils/students were rushing to attend, even pupils from other schools where the programme has not been introduced attend our schools where feeding has been introduced. Moreover pupils happily stay in their schools carrying food flasks without going back to their homes for breakfast. They receive: Rice and Eggs on Mondy, on Tuesday Rice and Meat are given and so on and so forth.
Interestingly, the female enrolment in all our schools has gone up. His Excellency has increased the number of primary schools and junior secondary schools across the state.
Umar also told our reporter that, the exercise has been going on without any rancor in all the areas under his watch. sThese entail Shagari, Dandin Mahe and Kajiji under the leadership of Hajiya Larai Bala, Jimmai Umar and Hajiya Tamodi respectively.