Education is Prioritized by This Government – Principal
From Mahi Alhassan Argungu
In our sojourn, journalistic inquisitiveness took us to government day secondary school Mahuta where we interacted with the principal of the school in the person of Malam Muhammad Marafa Kwashe. The said interaction goes this;
Reporter: I am a reporter working with news sight magazine sir may I ask you to humbly introduce yourself?
 Principal: my name is Muhammadu Marafa Kwashe, I am the principal G.D.S.S Mahuta
Reporter: that is interesting, sir some years this school was not as organized as it is now, how did you contrive to take it to this level
Principal: I am using all inclusive approach in handling both my staffers and students, teaching and non- teaching staff are all given free hands to operate, in course of carrying out their statutory responsibilities. Any one that does well shall be encouraged and whoever does wrong should be calling to order. Moreover, we are also the custodians of morality not only knowledge. It will be damnable to allow children go astray. If a child becomes a responsible person we all celebrate and if he goes astray we all pay the price. A child belongs to all, his parents are only his biological parents, teachers and other responsible adults are all into the class of parents.
Reporter: sir do you have any request to the government
principal: of course, I have many, to mention just a few, we need I.C.T center i.e. information center. The entire world has now shifted from analogue life style to digital, computer has dominated this world. Apart from I.C.T we also need library, even though reading culture is fasting eroding our students, still love books you know a school without library is like stew without salt. In addition to that, my school lack befitting administrative block we need it.
Finally some buildings have begun wearing away exhibiting signs of coming down any time. I am pleading with the government to do the needful and renovate them. It is cheaper to repair and renovate than to start from all over again.
Reporter: what is your ward of hope to the governor?
Principal: I thank God, our collective prayer had been answered. We all prayed for his success to enable him continue what he has begun. He has been doing well.