Dangaladiman Diggi Turbaned Two Village Heads

From Mahi Alhassan Argungu

The people of Diggi town of Kalgo local government area of Kebbi state witnessed an unprecedented gathering of people from all works of life that, trouped in for the sole purpose of turbaning ceremony of their sons; Alhaji Bala Haliru Sarki as Talban Diggi Hakimin Diggi Gabas and Alhaji Muhammadu Bello as Ardon Mutubari Hakimin Mutubari Gabas  by Dangaladiman Diggi district Head of Diggi Alhaji Abubakar Atiku Muhammad mni. The town (Diggi) was certainly colorful that day, the regalia and facial outlook of the people expressed happiness and was ceremonial throughout the day. The enormous crowd that attended included; Representative of the Emir of Gwandu, Alhaji Shehu Malami, Executive chairman Kalgo local government Hon. Alhaji Umar Namashaya Diggi, Alh. Haruna Jada Bashar Sarkin Gobir district head of Kalgo, together with all district haed of Kalgo l/g, Alh. Aliyu Muhammad Diggi former chairman Kalgo l/g, Hon. Aliyu Mutabare former member Kebbi State H/A, Secretary Kalgo l/g, Alhaji Sadiq Marafa Diggi Sarkin Bauran Gawndu, Alhaji Sodangi Bello Diggi former SUBEB secretary, and Alhaji Abdullahi Abdl-Maliki Matawallen Diggi, among others.
Personsality number one
A philanthropist to the core, whose work is to help humanity in the person of Alhaji Bala Haliru Sarki Diggi.  Born on Wednesday 28th may 1965 at Birnin Kebbi. He attended Islamic school first under the tutelage of Malam Bugudu Danhajiya then Malam Aliyu G. Sokoto, Malam Bello Banbaba, and Malam Abubakar mai wakin hula Birnin Kebbi. Thanks to this training he is knowledgeable in Islamic jurisprudence. In western education however, he was enrolled into the town primary school Birnin Kebbi from 1972-1979. The young Bala did not stop there he proceeded to Abdullahi Fodio secondary school Birnin Kebbi from1979-1982, for some reasons he was transferred to government secondary school Gummi from 1982-1984. For his thirst of knowledge he move on to seek for higher education where he got admission at Sokoto state college of education in 1990 and he obtained certificate in public administration.
In furtherance to his seek for knowledge, he got enrolled into the then polytechnic of Birnin Kebbi now Waziru Umar federal polytechnic Birnin Kebbi, he bagged National diploma in accounting from 1992-1994. He came back in 2002 for his higher National diploma (HND) which he obtained in 2004from the same discipline (accounting). He was also appointed to attend institute of certified public accountant (ICPAN) in 2013, he thus obtained CPA certificate.
Working experience in resume
Clerical officer Sokoto state sport council from 1985- 996, E. O accountant ministry of education, Accountant women affairs from 2000 – 2013, Deputy director of pension, state ministry of finance. He is happily married two 9(2) wives and blessed with thirteen (13) children.
Personality number two
Alhaji Muhammad Bello Ardo was born on 15th October 1958. He too attended Islamic school as the tradition of Hausa-Fulani Muslims. He attended primary school at Mutubari from 1977- 1980. He attended government secondary school Dakingari and government secondary school Birnin Kebbi, he also proceeded to Giginya memorial college Sokoto. He eventually dived into the business and base in southern Nigeria notably Ibadan and Lagos. He is happily, married to one (1) wife and is blessed with the two (2) children.
Fatherly advice by Dangaladiman Diggi District Head of Diggi Alhaji Abubakar Atiku Muhammad mni.
Assalamu- aliakum wa rahmatu-llahi wabarkatuhu, I appreciate your presence and thank you all.  Traditionally, we turban a leader whenever a vacuum exists. In line with this, two sits became vacant in my district, after the demise of their occupants; Late Talban Digi Alhaji Shehu Marafa and late Alhaji Abubakar Macedi Ardon Mutubari. Now we have turbaned their successors; Hakimin Diggi ta Gabas in the person of Alhaji Bala Haliru Sarki and second personality is Muhammad Bello Ardo. As the new Ardon Mutabari. Let me brief you the process involve. After the condolence period the procedure of selection new village heads was initiated where by contestants submitted their applications, after due process the local government village heads committee sat and conducted the task (selection) accordingly. The outcome of the selection was there after submitted to the Gwandu emirate council and local government for further action. Subsequently approval was given for the turbaning of the two successful candidates, which we just did.
As for their responsibilities, as the village heads are answerable to district head who is the representative of Emir and emirate council as well as local government. Thus, their main responsibility entails ensure peaceful coexistence among their people, work tirelessly for the unity of them, collection of community taxes and forward it to the district, protect lands as well as government’s property and projects such as; schools, water, health and electric facilities, they should always go round to monitor and supervise government activities within their areas. It is also part of their duties to make sure that government activities are done within their domain e.g. immunization exercise, school enrolment, they are to work in synergy with the security agents for the maintenance of peace and security.
Furthermore, another responsibility is public enlightenment for the success of governme5 programmes like voter registration, collection of P.V.C, etc. however, they are advised to be diligent, hardworking and honest in discharging their duties, we wish them success and Allah’s guidance.  
Newly turbaned Talban Diggi spoke on behalf of the crowned personalities
I seek refuge from Allah against the Satan the rejected, In the name of Allah the compassionate and the most merciful, I speak to show our appreciation and be grateful to all of you especially the district head of Diggi  Alhaji abubakar Atiku Muhammd. His fatherly advice will be our guiding principles. By Allah’s grace we will not disappoint him in discharging our duties. Finally, I pray for Allah to return everybody back home safely.