It is generally known, when the scuffle has been fought, losers and winners come out to the hearing and seeing of everybody. Undeniably, the just concluded 2019 general elections have left some contestants with failure at the same time some came out victorious and unharmed. The Honorable Umar Sahabi popularly known as Likita emerged the latter’s group (the winner), he was magnanimous in victory and ambitious in words. He seeks for the partaking of all and sundry within his domain including those who contested against him and lost out to move his constituency (Binji) to the next level. He vows to run an inclusive legislative office in the Sokoto state house of assembly, that is to say he will seek for the opinions of his people before taking any legislative decision.
Honorable Umar Sahabi Likita vows to be for all irrespective of party affiliation, transparent and accessible to those whose mandate he is representing. He tells the good people of Binji local government that, his Constituency will soon turn a new leaf, people begin to enjoy the dividends of democracy. “I will not disappoint them, it is against my conscious to let those who believe in me down, I will provide employment for the youths, water supply, and education and health facility” he said.