A Young Man Received 40 Lashes over Consuming Mango in Ramadan  
By Mahi Alhassan

Fasting or Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam which according to Islamic Shari’a it requires abstaining from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse from sun rise to sun set.  Equally, it is obligatory upon a fasting observer not eat until sun set but a young man caught doing contrary to that in public.
As report gathered, the man who bases in Ringim of Jigawa state consumed mongo in the midst hours of observing fasting to the seeing of many people, this led concerned community to take him to Islamic court for appropriate punishment.
It is discovered by our source that, the judge of the court sitting at Ringim area of Jigawa described the action as abominable which the doer shall not go unpunished.
In his ruling over the offence, Malam Sufiyanu the judge said, the accused person Ibrahim committed an offence contrary to section 370 of the Jigawa state penal code. At this juncture he gave order to flog Ibrahim with 40 lashes in public.
The ruling judge added that, this punishment might serve as an example to others.