A Business man arrested over allegedly Kidnapped his Neighbor’s Son
By Mahi Alhassan Argungu  

Not all glitters are gold, don’t judge people by appearance may be a reach heart is under a poor cloth, cheats never prosper, the current situation of the world shows that no one is 100% to  trust; mother cannot trust her daughter, father cannot trust his son, equally neighbor cannot trust his neighbor, I don’t know whom to trust. Since a business man called Nuhu Abubakar Danbida popularly known as Yellow in P. Z Sabongari area of Zaria Kaduna state found in full picture in kidnapping of his neighbor’s son.
As it was uncovered to us that, Malam Sulieman Haruna the father of the victim said, his son Muhammad of 5 years old has been kidnapped by unknown people, he exposed “I can say it unknown, because by Allah until now I did not hold anyone one to suspect in mind. We went for searching the boy for about certain days without succeeds”.
“We only devoted ourselves in supplication. One day I received a call from unknown which has told me that they were the kidnapers of my child and they demanded 4 million naira from me as ransom. After subtle and open exchanging words they realized that  I don’t have money to provide, after they even ask me about the money I am operating my business with and I have to tell them that the money is not mine but Bank loan, I am currently facing pressure from Bank on it.
They still tried on my wife the mother of the victim with a different amount as they asked for 2 million naira from her, she also equally told them the same.
According to our source, after some days a message from one traditional ruler break the silence when it made Malam Sulieman known, there is a missing child from Bauchi and it was confirmed that he is his child who is finally reunited with his parents.
Therefore, Nuhu Abubakar was arrested despite their neighborhood with the father of the son, when investigation made it clear that he is in full picture of the offence. “Soon he will be arraigned before court of law” said DPO of Kofar Fada police division Zaria, Kasim Abdul.