By Nura Hussaini
A small kid of 1 year 3 months Musa in Jamare area of Saminaka local government Kaduna state has narrowly escaped death from the hands of magicians. It is said that they took him to an uncompleted building, open his abdomen and abandoned him.
He put illumination on the matter, the grandfather of the victim Malam Musa Shitu said he was told that around 11 o’clock the boy was not seen since morning when he crawled outside. “We searched for him here and there but not found on that very day. The following day we backed on searching on the advice of my in-law, luckily enough we abruptly found him in an uncompleted building with the whole on his stomach, it suffices to say that his stomach was nearly open but still alive”.
As revealed by our source Aminiya, Malam Musa added that, they rushed him to the hospital for treatment and now he is getting better. He called on the local government authority as well as the general public to lay assisting hands on them so as to settle the debt since they borrowed money to treat and medicate the victim.