In Kebbi state today, only one party stands any chance of winning any election any day any time. This is the All Progressives Congress (APC). On the other side of the same coin, opposition political parties especially the main opposition political party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) keep leaning and getting more disorganized by the day. This situation did not happen by chance, it was a combination of push and pull factors. The former was masterminded by the political tacticians of the ruling party while the latter was purely self - inflicted wounds. In consequence, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kebbi state has become a caricature of a political party and a mere shadow of opposition political party. It is no longer dangerous capable of inflicting political damage.
Push Factors - In a war fare it is allowed to do anything humanly possible and send enemies run helter - skelter to different directions. Enemies’ cohesion and unity must be shattered at all costs. United they stand divided they fall, period. Kebbi political tacticians were smart enough to have worked religiously in undermining the unity of opposition political base. It took them time to have achieved that, and huge amount of money was used as bait, a clever fish cannot be caught without bait.
·         Moles were planted in their ranks who worked for the ruling party covertly.
·         Money was used to woo some prominent opposition elements to decamp to the ruling party (APC).
·         Propaganda was used to cause distrust amongst them.
·         Another propaganda which was finally the last straw that broke the camel’s back was that of withdrawal of the main opposition gubernatorial contestant. The news quickly went viral that he withdrew from the race.
Pull Factors - These are primarily self - inflicted, the opposition elements did not work in fraternity and camaraderie. They approached the game as if they had governments at the center and at the state levels. Some were arrogant and deceitful. It naturally takes extra – efforts to win the hearts of the masses. They operated and treated masses with the disdain, hence, got punished for that. They were seen by many as politicians looking for yet  another opportunity to loot and rape Nigeria, nay, our dear state. People lost confidence in them. They failed to convince voters that they were born again politicians.
Broadly speaking, the duo of Alhaji Ibrahim Bagudu and PA Faruku Enabo got the political Matrix right. In other climes, Kano state for example, former governor Abdullahi Ganduje must have underrated the opposition camp, he allowed work as a team and was severely punished for that. In the last elections of 9th March, 2019 the opposition entered the race already defeated. The results of the elections can buttress up this statement:

State                       :  Kebbi   
Political Party         :   APC
Year                        : 9th March, 2019

Source : INEC