Controversy has completely enveloped the religious activities of Sheikh Al-Mustapha Abubakar who hails from Nigeria now base in Tudun faila, Gesheme local government of Niger republic. He professed to be the Gausi of modern time (Gausin Zamani).
Gausy Almustpha Tudun Faila 
It is the journalistic enthusiasm that propelled our reporter to leave Nigeria and met him in Niger republic. It is the tradition of our medium house style to let bird be sounding itself thus, the interview read as his;

Reporter: Assalamu alaikum, Gausy, there has been so much controversy surrounding your foam of religious activities, I am journalist from Nigeria I am here to hear from the horse "mouth" could you make use of this opportunity to clear the air and tell more about you?.
Gausy: Wa'a laikumussalamu Warah Matullahi Wabarakatuhu, Alhamdu Lillah all eulogizes be to Allah. My name is Almustapha Abubakar, the Gausy of this time. It has been stated that a new Gausy will emerge after physical departure of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass (R.A) toward the end of the hour, so it is me. I began my career as Zakiru (who engage himself in Allah's remembrance). After the graduation from Qur'anic School under the tutelage of my father, I therefore, moved to Argungu where i spent the larger part of my life. Then I proceeded to Kamba and Soba then moved to Zaria before I finally decided to settle here.
Gausy Almustpha Tudun Faila 
Reporter: Gausy, we have been herering of this phrase Zuhuri that determined is your emergence what does that means?

Gausy: You rightly said, Zuhuri Means emergence. Allah (S.W.T) has agreed and gave me order to declare myself a new Gausy, there is no point of hidden it. Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass said he would come back (by reincarnation) and would speck Hausa Language. It is simply me, through Tajalli (embodiment). You know God has send prophets to the people in different Nations with the invariably the language they understood Now, there are no prophets, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) marked the last. I am using Hausa Language which is understood by the majority of my people being the Gausy of modern time.

My main work is to propagate Islam and instill Kalimatusshahada, La'ilaha Illallah, Muhammadu Rasulillah (S.A.W), that was the mission of every prophet of God: La'ilaha Illah Musa Rasulillah, La'ilaha Illah Isah Rasulillah. However, there has been the same and guiding phrase. I am a Muslim and at Tijjaniyya Sect, I also adhere to Sheikh Ibrahim Kaulah teachings and principles. Get me right. Gausy refers to helper neither God nor prophet not also that one who gives our grains (food), or money, but helps those who go astray or indulgence in an un-Islamic practices, he will helps you and bring you back on the right path, that is what Gausy does. It is in written that, no prophet after Muhammad (S.A.W), Allah would only send Gausy when that world is needed a reformer. For your information, I have been reforming people for over twenty four (24) years, it has started in Nigeria before i crossed to Niger Republic.

I am helping people to know God, you know God asked people to know him first before they worship him and they also look for a ladder that they would climb to meet him. As you can see here we have people from different countries like Niger, Nigeria and Mali among others, they are brought here to be reformed. A drunkard that is brought to meet me would stop boozing, a thief would stop stealing, etc. I only give them Zikr, (remembrance of God). I reform here in a matter of one week or two weeks. Government should know that i am partner in reforming i am doing their work.

Reporter: To my surprise Gausy, some people are criticize you.

Gausy: Well, either for not understand me well  or jealousness, but i am asset to any society.

Reporter: What is your final message to the masses?    

Gausy: I want them to believe that i am the gausy of modern time, they should also desist from falsehood and deformation of character. I want them to come and see what i am doing, if i am called upon i am ready to attend. I am also ready to engage anybody in a debate, you can come and see for yourself. We are Muslim having the same God, Prophet, Ka'aba and Qur'an, I support world Muslim brotherhood and unity. Thank and God bless you.