President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria finally has signed the 2019 budget amounted to 8.9 trillion Naira. Buhari presented his proposed of 8.83 on December 2018 to the National assembly, and it makes it 8.91 by adding 9.3 billion in it. It is said that, this 2019 budget was formulated base on the country’s fuel export earning and foreign exchange.

President Buhari said this is the last budget presentation before the eight-session of the national assembly, this also marked the last within his first tenure, and that is to be ended on Wednesday.    
Buhari added that his the government did a lot for Nigerians in any sphere of life, this entails agriculture, health facility, electrification as well as community development. He further said it proudly, that in each state federal road is executed. His government also committed to assisting state governments to pay salaries and pension.
He said “this 2019 budget is beyond 2018, our government will focus more on the completion of the federal roads that still under construction as well as other developmental projects. Despite that, we reserved 2.14 trillion for the liabilities”. 

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