The outgoing governor of Zamfara State Abdul-Azeez Yari Abubakar be of the same mind with the recent ruling of the supreme over their primary elections. The judgment denotes that the primary elections conducted by All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara state was not legally binding, this is because of the breaking rules and regulation presided over by INEC, thus it has been declared null and void. All the votes the APC party scored were considered to be canceled.
Therefore, the independent electoral commission INEC makes all the candidates that contested under People Democratic Party (PDP) who became second earlier the winner automatically.
 In his remark, governor Abdul -Azeez proved that they made mistakes in conducting primary elections and they abide by the supreme court ruling, he backs his expression with the Islamic insight “We made mistakes in conducting primary elections, we also accept the judgment of the supreme court, a believer should only be true believer until he believes with destiny good and bad either”.
Governor Yari also wishes hi successor good governance in the state and pray God to give him courage and wisdom to move Zamfara state forward.