Changes ensure or fetch new policies or change of policies and direction. The newly elected chairman Gummi local government Honorable Kabiru S/ Aski promises to turn a new leaf in his local government. This was made known during his interview with our reporter, in his home town last week.
S/Aski stood on his feet for provision of portable water, health facilities, Education and rendering of day –to – day assistance to his people. “I see myself as a servant not a master to my people, I will simply do everything humanly possible to make them happy and improve the living standard of living. I promise to move Gummi Local Government to the next level of development ladder. I will leave it better than I met it”. He proudly says. He dabbled into political chat with our reporter telling him that All Progressives Congress. (APC) is the party of the day. All other political parties have been wiped out not by force but by anticipation of good enthusiasm of our incoming governor his Excellency Mukhtar Idirs (Kuguna) to the people of Zamfara state. ‘If ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d no work for tinkers’ hands’ “You know opposition can only survive and thrive if the ruling party fails. S/ Aski said.
Before interview concludes, our reporter was pressed to ask him the inspiration that propelled him to become local government chairman, the Hon. S/Aski said; “In fact, what inspired me is the good works of our action governor of Zamfara state H.E A. A Yari, look at the current state of affairs of the state, is very good looking unlike before. Joke apart, people are really feeling the positive impacts of governance more than ever before. From every nook – and – cranny of this state works have been going on from its inception to date. No section of the state is left unattended to. That is why no part of the state is crying foul or shouting for marginalization. Everybody is carried along. In the area of welfare however, salaries of civil servants and entitlements are been paid on time, so that I want the good works to continue”.