An intriguing interview and one on –one discussion which the Fakkai L.G.E.A desk officer for primary school feeding program reveals how important and useful it has became.
Reporter: Sir may you humbly introduce yourself
Desk officer: My name is Garba Bala Bisala holding the positions of director planning research and statistics and at the same time the desk officer Fakkai L.G.E.A on feeding programme
Reporter: How this programme came bout in this L.G.E.A
Desk officer: before the commencement of the programme we used to go to Birnin Kebbi (state headquarters) for training and workshop. The workshop in question involved the directors of health and paining research and statistics plus the desk officers state- wide, therefore, we organized our own at the local government level where all the contractors were involved and we thought the type and quality of food to give out to pupils.
Initially, People were skeptical about it, looking at it as a mere political bait meant to win elections. Albeit, the contractors supplied their Bank account details, all at sudden, they received Bank alerts, now it is history. Timetable is already out all is now set for it, and feeding prograamme has since commenced.
It is my interest to here that His Excellency governor senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu laid down a rule of domesting our food, he encouraged the selection of food we locally produce. for example knowing full well that our people are now fully into irrigation farming and they churn out of large quantity of sweet potatoes, porridge of sweet potatoes is now on our food menu.
This feeding program however, produces intimidating result in pupil’s enrolment and attendance. In fact, all our classes are now filled to the brim, children like to go to school now just because of this program. It is exciting development, nobody or rather no child likes to be denied to have food.
You may not believe it, but even our feeding contractors behave differently. There is high level of patriotism in the way they handle the feeding exercise. We do not need to chide them or be at the logger – head with them. Still on the level of enrolment and attendance, even at the remote area of our local government are not spared. We had a school which was so remote and accessible to people due to lack of miserable road and being rural , the enrolment and attendance were so poor that, I even contemplated making it Tsangaya school that is to say Almajiri – western school. But to my consternation, with the introduction of the feeding proramme the one deserted school quickly changed to a school to a large number of pupils, this work like a magic wand.
 Reporter: It is so interesting so are you facing any challenge?      
Desk officer: Yes and No, yes in the sense that we are now battling with huge population which the education [planners did not envisage in their plans. And No in the sense that, the company has come in. it handles feeding for two days and we take care of three days. Hence, broadly spiking all is moving squarely.
 Reporter: Even though, feeding programme is federal government initiated, what do you have to say on His Excellency the governor of Kebbi State and your  education secretary
Desk officer; Good, I am using this medium to express my appreciation. I have to start with the governor Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu Sarkin Noman Nigeria. This is because he stood firm, to see to it that Kebbi state is selected among the early on beneficiaries  of the federal government feeding programme, our schools are now becoming vibrant, their attendance so encouraging. I am advising him not relent on this, in fact, we are already in the next level, let him work harder in the second term.
Coming down to my E S he is truthful and hardworking, to be honest with you , he  once directed me to go to Birnin Kebbi and remain there, just to ensure there is no  feeding contractor was denied his right . I thank God because, my effort did not go in vain. Nobody was short -paid and denied his right either.
Reporter: on behalf of your education secretary do you have a piece of advice or warning to feeding contractors
Desk officer: we have to thank Allah, because of His mercies. There is nothing like warning, it has not reach to that level. Our relationship is very cordial, and they are really patriotic. Thus, the credit must go to His Excellency Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu the executive governor of Kebbi state and my hard-working E S of Fakkai L.G. E. A in the person of Malam Abubakar Bala Birnin tudu.

Education is prioritized by this government – principal
In our sojourn, journalistic inquisitiveness took us to government day secondary school Mahuta where we interacted with the action principal of the school in the person of Malam Muhammad Marafa Kwashe. The said interaction goes this;
Reporter: I am a reporter working with news sight magazine sir may I ask you to humbly introduce yourself?
 Principal: my name is Muhammadu Marafa Kwashe, I am the principal G.D.S.S Mahuta
Reporter: that is interesting, sir some years this school was not as organized as it is now, how did you contrive to take it to this level
Principal: I am using all inclusive approach in handling both my staffers and students, teaching and non- teaching staff are all given free hands to operate, in course of carrying out their statutory responsibilities. Any one that does well shall be encouraged and whoever does wrong should be calling to order. Moreover, we are also the custodians of morality not only knowledge. It will be damnable to allow children go astray. If a child becomes a responsible person we all celebrate and if he goes astray we all pay the price. A child belongs to all, his parents are only his biological parents, teachers and other responsible adults are all into the class of parents.
Reporter: sir do you have any request to the government
of course, I have many, to mention just a few, we need I.C.T center i.e. information center. The entire world has now shifted from analogue life style to digital, computer has dominated this world. Apart from I.C.T we also need library, even though reading culture is fasting eroding our students, still love books you know a school without library is like stew without salt. In addition to that, my school lack befitting administrative block we need it.
Finally some buildings have begun wearing away exhibiting signs of coming down any time. I am pleading with the government to do the needful and renovate them. It is cheaper to repair and renovate than to start from all over again.
Reporter: what is your ward of hope to the governor?
Principal: I thank God, our collective prayer had been answered. We all prayed for his success to enable him continue what he has begun. He has been doing well.