Fakkai A.P.C boss propelled party to a greater high
An interesting interview with a season Politian Alhaji Abdullahi Liba an excellent leader by all measurement. The interview goes like this;
Reporter: sir by merely looking you are a man who sees ins and out of life, ups and downs could you humbly introduce yourself to our esteem readers
A.P.C Boss: all eulogizes be to Allah the creator of all. My name is Alhaji Abdullahi Liba. I am the current all progressive congress A P C Fakkai local government.  
Reporter: sir, now the election has come and gone the executive governor of Kebbi state Sen. Abuabakar Atiku Bagudu has won convincingly what do you have to say?
A P C Boss: I am extremely happy for his victory. His victory is our victory, this is because he represent our wishes. He is man of the people, he sought power from God and it was given to him. Whatever you want to look for just believe in God be prayerful. Moreover, governor Atiku knows how to unify people, he does not want disunity look at how he successfully unified the people of Kebbi state into one family. He is also peace propeller as he abhors trouble.
Reporter: Mr. Chairman you behave like past politicians, how this becomes attainable?
A P C Boss: well I do not want to talk immodest, but I have to open up. History entails past, present and future. Lest I forget, I can confidently profess to be an experienced politician not a new breed. For your information I have been playing politics to some extent since first republic. Just, now I came back from hospital where I visited ,my political mentor who thought me politics in the first republic during Sir, Ahmad Bello when we had (N C) northern people’s congress and northern element progressive union   (NEPU). I had little education in the mean time and decided to join transport business. My boss Alhaji Muhammadu Dan Gusau who was based in kwontagora. He was known all over region at that time.  
In 1979, I was appointed youth leader during the second republic under the banner of national party of Nigeria (NPN) at kwontagora present Niger state I was opportune to be part of the dialogue between Sola Saraki and the then Kwara state governor, governor Adamu Attah. His godfather Sola Saraki insisted that he must be removed from office. We were there for four days.   Our committee included Tanko Yakasai, Chuba Okadibo and Umaru Dikko among others. Former President, late Alhaji Shehu Aliyu Shagari fell into deaf eyes. To me, Sola Saraki was the greatest politician at that material time, this is because he did not get him removed at that time, because president Shagari refused to dance to his tune but he asked his supporters to vote for National party of Nigeria (NPN) for all elective posts except gubernatorial. Thus, NPN won all seats in Kwara state but lost gubernatorial to UPN which was masterminded by the political maestro of that time Alhaji Sola Saraki.
In 1983 general convention, some changes were made which caused political tension in some quarters. My political mentor at that time senator Marafa of kwontagora who was from royal family and colonel Sani Bello (rtd) wanted to go to senate and replace or take over from my boss Marafan Kwontagora. All avenues for peace and dialogue were employed without success.
The representatives of president Shehu Shagari in sokoto was late Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido the former sultan of Sokoto caliphate and that of Niger state was Mamman king. They all participated in reconciliation between my boss Marafa and Colonel Sani Bello former Kano state military administration. Finally, my boss triumphed and we moved to Lagos.
This did not take me out of my transport business, because thirty seven (37) truck trailers were under my care.
Reporter: have you ever contested
APC Boss: no I am a business man, I don’t want to temper with my business in any way. I just remain party stalwart people have tried to push me into contesting tones without number but I kept declined. What I do is support a party or candidate, my business first, before any other thing. I am still into it. I am also a contractor which I learnt from my boss Alhaji Muhammadu Dangusau. During his prime period he was well known and revered.
In 1999, I joined people’s Democratic Party (PDP), we worked religiously and assiduously for success. During its primary elections late Garba Koko seems to be victorious but was not the favored candidate at the power brokers at that time. He agreed to support the party but with the condition that how many commissioners would be given to him? They underrated and refused to listen to him. We had sixteen local governments and our main rival APP had only five 5 local governments. In the end All Peoples Party (APP) won and we lost (PDP). We remained in the opposition till in 2015 when I was called upon by the senator Adamu Aliero, senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and Muhammad Manga, met General Magoro asking him to convince me to join them politically.  When I was called upon, I was at Beji for wedding fatiha. He asked me, “Where are you”? I responded I am at Beji for wedding fatiha he added “ I want you to come to Kaduna for an important discussion tomorrow Sunday”. I responded ok sir!
On meeting him, he narrated what they, told him, and asked for my cooperation. I said “I will do that sir. Remember what you told me about your political course. You are a friend to General Muhammadu Buhari, you served in the same army and when you decided to join politics you inform him, but he wanted he did not inform you, that is why you are not on the same camp. As luck would have it, Senator Adamu Aliero reported this to president Buhari who immediately called General Magoro informing him, his readiness to meet him. General Magoro responded sir, “Is me that will come and meet you”. Thus, the misunderstanding was resolved and they started operating on the same wavelength. There is no permanent enemy in politics. In fact, in life your enemy could suddenly changed to your friend and the reverse is also true.
Let me take you to the memory lane, since politics is dynamic. Before we left our former party PDP to All progressive congress (APC) a lot of water Has passed under the bridge. In PDP we were greatly deceived. Its primary elections was a sheer deception. It was postponed several times. Thanks to this we later decided to join the then opposition (APC), we therefore, remain in (APC) till today. This is history we eventually emerged victorious and become ruling one.
Reporter: how did you emerge the chairman of APC
APC Boss: well I could not believe it myself, I have been shuttling between Lagos and Abuja for over forty years running my business. For me to relocate to the village, just in the name of chairman of a political party. It all started like a joke. I was made APC chairman working committee, thence people started mounting pressure on me to be or to become an APC local government chairman. Before you know I was made substantive chairman APC Fakkai local government chapter. But some things happened be I finally came to the position. The then chairman party Alhaiji Maidabo Asko used to call me Baba he met me and begged for help to retain his position knowing full well that people dislike him. I thus, met Jarma the local government chairman, I pleaded with him to support him.
Thereafter, his deputy came for the same request of support. I asked him to go and meet his chairman. Alhaji Mamman Rago too joined the race who is also our party stakeholder, in no time about twelve (12) contestants came out for skirmishes of a single seat. Subsequently the headquarters called on me and asked me to be the chairman otherwise the leadership crises would bring the party down. For rescue reasons, I sat down with then party chairman and his exco and told them all that transpired at the headquarters. In a nut shell, after going into primary election beside subtle and open challenges I finally emerged winner as the APC chairman party Fakkai local government, in fact I am holding this position to rescue the party from treat of decline. 
Reporter: thank you sir
APC Boss: thank you very much and God bless you     
 Newly elected member vows positive representation
In the 9th Kebbi state house of assembly, a vibrant politician will make it more lively. He is to represent Fakkai constituency.
Reporter: congratulations honorable may I get your formal introduction?
Hon. Gele my name is honorable Haruna Lawal Gele an elected member representing Fakkai constituency Kebbi state house of assembly
Reporter: honorable you emerged victorious how you did feel
Hon. Gele: extremely happy I am also grateful to my God
Reporter: what do you intend to do for your constituency
Hon. Gele: I will do a lot, in fact, is to make my people proud of me. But the first thing is make Mahuta accessible to other areas. We have a serious accessibility challenges particularly roads which I will confront head-on
Reporter: what are your plans for youths?
Hon. Gele: youths are part of my plans, you know they have three major challenges these are
Looking for money to attend school, looking for job after graduation and looking for capital to set up business especially those that have not gone to the schools. Therefore, I honorable Haruna Gele vow to do my best to help them out. By God grace they will benefit immensely from me.
Reporter: you have won election his Excellency Sen Atiku Bagudu won election either, what do you expect from him
Hon. Gele: I am expecting a lot from him. He deserved to continue for the good works he has begun, it is known to everybody that he is the Father of rice production in Nigeria. Kebbi state is placed on the first position in rice production. Hence I will support development. I reaffirm that I will make my people happy and proud of me, in real sense they will not regret sending me to the state house of assembly, thank you.